Board and Staff

The CVC is blessed to have a dedicated Board and Staff to serve our clients and our community. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Board member, please contact the Executive Director at To reach a staff member contact our office at 814-455-9415.

Board of Directors

Mark Murphy, President
Tyler Titus, Vice-President

Lori Lindley, Ph.D., Secretary
Dan Sloppy, Treasurer

Marcus S. Atkinson

Maria Continenza

Eric Corty

George Dusckas, Jr

William B. Helbling

Marianne Levstek

Michael McCormick

Heidi Oldaker

Alison Scarpitti, Esq.

Chief Daniel P. Spizarny Sr.

Patti Starvaggi


Paul Lukach, Executive Director
Angie Devine, Marketing and Development Coordinator
Jamie Stoeger, Director of Court Advocacy
Miriam Brisley, Director of Clinical Services
Amy Blackman, Director of Prevention Education
Tamara Veretnova,
Accounting/Administrative Assistant
Debi Gorton, Reception


    • Marge
    • Chrissy
    • Kayla
    • Jessica O
    • Sara
    • Brooke
    • Jessica M, Intake/Counseling
    • Leslie, Intake/Counseling
    • Sadie, Restitution Advocate
    • Alyssia, Data Entry/Court Advocate
    • Erin, Victim Compensation Advocate
    • John, Juvenile Victim Notification Advocate
    • Julie, Adult Victim Notification Advocate
    • Carol, Court Advocate
    • Deb, Communications Coordinator
Prevention Education:
    • Brian, Megan & Martin
    • Community Education:
      • Amanda