CVC 40th Anniversary Forum


On April 2nd, 2013 the Crime Victim Center of Erie County was pleased to host over 900 members of the Erie community at the Bayfront Convention Center to help us celebrate our organization’s 40th Anniversary.  Our goal was to educate the community about the Crime Victim Center’s services, ensuring no one left the event questioning the importance of our organization to Erie County.  The support from those in attendance was amazing and we were blown away by the incredible speakers we had on board for the event.

The celebrity keynote speaker, Elizabeth Smart, captivated the audience with her story of survival after she was abducted at age 14 from her home and held captive for 9 months.  Elizabeth detailed her story, recalling how she went from initial confusion to questioning why she was kidnapped, through her captivity and to the moment she was rescued in the center of town in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her recollection of that harrowing time, 11 years ago, was told in a matter-of-fact manner mixed with her warm personality, disarming charm and strong family values.  She’s successfully shown that someone can turn themself from a victim into a survivor, and even to an advocate.  Elizabeth Smart spreads this message and her powerful story throughout the country, and we were grateful she shared it with the Erie Community.

The services the Crime Victim Center offers are more important than ever as we move to the future.  We believe the message from this forum resonated with the audience and helped the community understand that crime can, in fact, happen to anyone.  Our center’s goal is to make sure Erie knows we’re available to any victim, any time, and that our services are always provided at no cost to those we serve.

We would like to thank the community for their overwhelming support, our guest speakers, our sponsors and our organizations founder, Joan Martin-Rall, who was in attendance.  The CVC is well prepared for the next 40 years of serving the Erie community.