Mid Day Dance Break Gallery

Mid-Day Dance Break

All Ages • Perry Square • Noon to 1 p.m. 
Thursdays starting June 14th through August 2nd 

Crime Victim Center (CVC) is pleased to once again to pair with Jennifer Dennehy to bring the interactive art series “Mid-Day Dance Break” (MDDB) to downtown Erie this summer.  MDDB will bring dance and art into the community, providing a more holistic viewpoint of how the community can enriched with themes of empowerment and fun. 

Sessions begin with a brief discussion of the week’s empowerment topic followed by a performance from either the Lake Effect Hoop Troop or a featured guest artist.

The weekly topics can include:

  • Beauty from Within
  • Finding Strength 
  • Self-Care
  • Self-Esteem
  • Growth
  • Standing Up for Yourself and Others
  • Progressing Through Obstacles 
  • Community Connectedness

MDDB will feature a weekly visual artist w ho will create a piece inspired by the weekly theme.  The artist will use different mediums to work on the piece throughout the session, which will later be displayed for sale in gallery format at CVC.  The proceeds will be split between the artist and the project’s revenue. 

An established group of amateur artists from CVC’s Creative Healing Group will contribute to the gallery with art inspired by MDDB.

After each session, attendees will be encourage to join in a dance workshop, where they will be given information about the week’s artist and theme, as well as the project as a whole and the CVC’s free services.

Questions can be directed to Amy at CVC at amyb@cvcerie.org or 814-455-9414.  

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See below for a full schedule!

2018 schedule will be updated soon

Thursdays @ noon

June 15th
Performer(s): Lake Effect Hoop Troop
Artist: Kris Risto

June 22nd
Performer(s): Brett Fallon
Artist: Ehren Knapp

June 29th
Performer(s): True Boys of Urban Erie Community Development Corp
Artist: Barbara Crone

July 6th
Performer(s): Lake Effect Hoop Troop
Artist: Brad Lethaby

July 13th — BREAK (Roar on the Shore Set-up)

July 20th
Performer(s): Erie Dance Theater
Artist: Brad Ford

July 27th
Performer(s): Lake Effect Hoop Troop
Artist: Bryan Toy

August 3rd
Performer(s): TBD
Artist: Thomas Ferraro
Theme Options:
Finding Strength
Progressing through Obstacles
Standing Up
Beauty from within
Bryan Toy
Kris Risto
Ehren Knapp
Michael Engro
Jennifer Dennehy
Fran Schanz
Deborah Sementelli